E & D Stamp Auction
   E&D has been in business in the local Kansas City area for over 35 years. No one is exactly sure of the opening date because it just kind of grew out of a stamp dealers stamp business until it gradually became more and more specialized as a stamp auction.
   Anyway, today we’ve been in business for a long time and I took over as the 5th “new” owner on the 19th of July 2019. I wasn’t really looking for a new occupation (having been retired for almost 20 years), but I believe the auction is too important to the stamp collectors in the Kansas City area to let it die.
   I’m committed to continuing the operation as it is without any major changes to the way we operate and do business. I even kept the old phone number complete with it’s (913) Kansas Area Code. Hopefully someone, with the same thought, will be willing to take over from me sometime in the future (so I don’t have to do this forever).
   That being said, I have moved the operation from its original location (on the second floor, at the end of a dreadful 28 step stairwell) in Shawnee, KS to North Kansas City, MO with only 2 little steps separating you from the Main Auction Floor. A special bonus for our longtime attendees will be that the Sales Tax Rate in North Kansas City is only 7.475% which is almost 2% less than it was in Shawnee. Come visit, I think you’ll be impressed.
   And if you get lost give me a call at (913) 432-1806 - I’ve been spending a lot of time out on the corner of Clay and Armour waiving at people who can’t read a map. You won’t be the first.